Some pieces I do with colored pencils. The softness of the pencils helps me get the look of yarn, and I love love love doing the fuzzy bits!

If you have an idea for a custom drawing, or would like to talk about licensing this idea on merchandise, please get in touch!

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Argyle plaid, yum.

Drawings of Knitting is on facebook & etsy

Some of my drawings are available as coloring pages in my etsy shop. I've done one coloring book, and have another one on the drawing board. I've done custom drawings for people, and have lots of plans for these drawings (fabric, products, etc.) which I'm really excited about! I'm also working on more things to offer in my etsy shop as downloadable pdfs which people can print out and do crafty things with. 

I also do line drawings in black and white, for coloring pages and other things.



I've done a couple of drop-down pages here devoted to Coloring Books & Pages, and Custom Drawings of Knitting, to show more of what I do with this idea. 

I love to make drawings of knitting. I don't even know what got me started doing it. I guess I had an urge and just thought it would be fun. Well, its turned into a bit of an obsession. I must have some special gene that makes sitting for hours and hours, drawing out knitting stitches, enjoyable!